Subject: Re: Embedded Linux vs. NetBSD
To: Felix Deichmann <>
From: Ivo Vachkov <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 07/13/2003 18:31:04
Felix Deichmann wrote:
> Hi.
> I have a custom embedded Linux system on one floppy disk for my router. 
> I would like to know if I could also use NetBSD for that purpose.
> Under Linux I have the following setup, but I don't know if similar 
> (free) solutions exist for NetBSD:

Yes. There are some BSD setups to fit on a floppy with similar 
For NetBSD based one: (it's in ports too)
Generally you may look at There are others too 
(FreeBSD and OpenBSD based ...)

> 1. gzipped kernel (minimal), no boot loader
> 2. many kernel modules
> 3. 4 MB memory file system as root device, gzipped on the same floppy
> 4. uClibc, dynamic linking
> 5. busybox, rp-pppoe, pppd, iptables and other useful things

I have some experience using PicoBSD ("FreeBSD on a floppy" distro) and 
I don't think it'll be hard pain to implement such enviroment with *BSD.

> Machine is a 486 DX2 with 16 MB RAM, only floppy drive, network cards.

486DX4/8MB RAM worked as a router/firewall for me about an year or so ...

> I would really like to know how I could implement that with NetBSD. Is 
> there a small C lib etc.?
> Felix