Subject: RE: Flash Filesystem
To: 'Perry E. Metzger' <>
From: Stewart Heitmann <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 03/11/2003 10:39:49
> Stewart Heitmann <> writes:
> > Does NetBSD have anything like JFFS2?
> > I dont think it does (yet) - right?
> I think Wasabi has a flash layer available but I'm not aware of one in
> the open source NetBSD distribution -- yet. I think one would be a
> good idea.

ok, thanks.

> > If not, would it be at all plausible
> > to run linux jffs2 under netbsd using
> > netbsd's linux compability features?
> No using the compat features -- that's for userland code, not kernel
> stuff. 

Oh well, I suspected it wouldnt be so easy.

> I imagine one could port the code, but it is GPLed.

I thought someone may have already made a start on a NetBSD JFFS2 clone.
I remember seeing some kind of post to that effect before.