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RE: Support for Intel StrataFlash (28F128J3A) available ?

NetBSD comes up short on the Flash File System driver interfaces.  There
is work on a block level device driver for Flash Chips, and I have done
some work on getting JFFS2 to run on NetBSD.

A *BSD* style JFFS2 would be a big help to NetBSD.

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Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 5:55 PM
Subject: Support for Intel StrataFlash (28F128J3A) available ? 

I can't seem to find any driver support for 
Intel's family of StrataFlash memory devices
(in particular the 3 Volt Intel StrataFlash 28F128J3A).

The StrataFlash devices support the Common Flash Interface (CFI)
specification, but I can't seem to find support for this either.

David L. Francheski

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