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Re: Minimal NetBSD Installation

On Tue, Jul 02, 2002 at 10:55:50PM +0200, Werner Backes wrote:

 > what is the best approach to get a stripped down
 > NetBSD installation so it can be booted from a
 > flash disk? Is it possible to make the kernel
 > execute compressed binaries? 
 > What do people use on embedded NetBSD systems
 > to display graphics? I think X11 is not really
 > possible on a 32 MB flash disk?

There are several knobs you can tweak to get the size down.  What I
have done in the past is adjust some of these knobs to trim stuff out
of libc that I don't need (and trim the usage of those features from
applications), and build all-dynamic-link systems.  It's amazing what
you can fit into an 8MB or 16MB CF using this approach (and it works
with packages form pkgsrc, too).

For example, you can set:


in your mk.conf to take Hesiod, Kerberos, S/Key, and YP/NIS support
out of system libraries and programs.  You can then set:


to cause everything to be dynamically linked (with a few exceptions,
like /sbin/init).

For graphics ... it depends on your needs.  What kind of device?  I
have been meaning to get a Qt/Embedded port done, but it's not that
high on my list right now.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>

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