Subject: Re: NetBSD without MMU ?
To: None <,,>
From: John Clark <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 04/12/2002 12:53:20
Am Freitag den, 12. April 2002, um 11:53, schrieb Greg A. Woods:

> Even with millions of units sold will the additional engineering costs
> required to get a system complex enough to need something like a NetBSD
> kernel, and whatever application code will be used, running reliabily on
> an MMU-less system, not vastly outweigh the few cents per chip savings?

While I would perhaps quibble on 'pennies', my interactions with
accountants, and in the end those are the people who make the
budgets, have been on the order of 'few pennies' is a world of 
but say the MMU part is $10 US more than the unMMU part and one has a
$10 M savings which could justify the additional development costs for 
damn sure the thing works all the time, every time, any time... heck, I 
may be
induced to work a few saturday nights for such a sum... heck I'm working 
for almost pennies as it is...

On the other hand for projects under 50,000 that have an average
cost to build of 1000, it may be better to make for an 'easy'