Subject: Re: Looking for a dual LAN board
To: Wes Peters <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 12/06/2001 23:47:01
The Plat'Home "Open Blocks" boxes are very nice. They are PowerPC
based, run NetBSD, have two ethernets and an IDE controller. They fit
in boxes that sit on the palm of your hand. The one problem: I do not
think they sell them outside of Japan.

Wes Peters <> writes:
> Erard S=E9bastien wrote:
> > I'm looking for a embedded board suitable to run NetBSD.
> > The main thing I want is two ethernet interfaces (10/100)
> > and an harddrive controler (IDE or SCSI). The CPU doesn't
> > matter (i386, arm, mips, sh...) but should be powerfull
> > enough to do some network routing or file serving (only
> > one at a time). I've found a few industrial products, but
> > they seem quite expensive, at least for an individual.
> >=20
> > Does any one has an idea of a suitable board?
> >=20
> > Thanks in advance for any answer.
> Sorry to slip in so late on this discussion.  You might want to look at=20
> the Soekris Engineering board/box; it should run NetBSD with no problems.=
> It is known to run OpenBSD and FreeBSD.  ;^)  It is a 133 Mhz "5x86"=20
> design with 3x Intel EtherExpress Pro, a CF slot, a Mini-PCI slot, and a=
> 3.3v half-length PCI slot.  The prices are fairly good for embedded=20
> stuff, too.
> If you want a real hard drive, you'll have to figure out how to turn the
> CF slot back into an IDE bus.  That'll be fun.

Perry E. Metzger
"Ask not what your country can force other people to do for you..."