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Re: Looking for a dual LAN board

Erard Sébastien wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking for a embedded board suitable to run NetBSD.
> The main thing I want is two ethernet interfaces (10/100)
> and an harddrive controler (IDE or SCSI). The CPU doesn't
> matter (i386, arm, mips, sh...) but should be powerfull
> enough to do some network routing or file serving (only
> one at a time). I've found a few industrial products, but
> they seem quite expensive, at least for an individual.
> Does any one has an idea of a suitable board?
> Thanks in advance for any answer.

Sorry to slip in so late on this discussion.  You might want to look at 
the Soekris Engineering board/box; it should run NetBSD with no problems.  
It is known to run OpenBSD and FreeBSD.  ;^)  It is a 133 Mhz "5x86" 
design with 3x Intel EtherExpress Pro, a CF slot, a Mini-PCI slot, and a 
3.3v half-length PCI slot.  The prices are fairly good for embedded 
stuff, too.

If you want a real hard drive, you'll have to figure out how to turn the
CF slot back into an IDE bus.  That'll be fun.

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