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Re: BDM.


> Is anyone doing any development on Motorola cpu's using the BDM (Background
> Debug Mode) under *BSD or Linux?  Just trying to gauge the level of interest
> in such a thing.

I have done (and am still doing) this -- debugging mostly ppcboot,
Linux (occasionally) and NetBSD (very occasionally ... unfortunately).

I've been using both an adapter that is supposed to be compatible with
the McCraigor Wiggler, plus with a DOS-based tool (yuck!), and Frank
Przybylski's BDM adapter along with his MPCBDM patch for gdb.

> I've seen the Linux/FreeBSD drivers for this.
> I intend to port or write a NetBSD BDM driver for the cpu32 based chips and
> I understand that the PPC and Coldfire versions are slightly different.

I'd love to see this driver ported to NetBSD (especially if it will
support the PPC and one of the adapters I mentioned above ;-); actually,
I've already thought about porting it myself ...

Please drop me a note if you actually start this project and need help
with the PPC and/or Frank's stuff; I'd be happy to support you.

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