Subject: Re: Poll: NetBSD for MPC8xx (82xx) architecture
To: Willy Jacobs <>
From: Shelby <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 03/03/2001 22:03:17
On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Willy Jacobs wrote:

> NetBSD is already available for a lot of processor architectures. Also
> the
> "smaller" embedded systems are supported. There is already a port
> underway for
> the MPC8xx by David Querbach of Real-Time Systems
> (,
> although is seems that further development is currently postponed. The
> last
> release was from September 2000.
> At my work we use the MPC860{SAR,T} a lot and recently we started to use
> Linux
> (2.4*) for a (small) in-house project (student thesis). For the boot
> monitor we
> use PPCBoot.
> Comparing the latest Linux port (see and mailing
> list)
> this development is much further then the above mentioned NetBSD port.
> Before investing a lot of time (myself and others) in a more complete
> port, I'm
> interested how many people are interested in NetBSD for the MPC8xx/82xx
> and
> maybe willing to contribute (develop, test, ...) in some way?

I am interested in getting NetBSD on my 860T based board, and am even
willing to take a stab at doing the interface to 10/100baseT ports
provided on-chip.

Shelby Noonan