Subject: Poll: NetBSD for MPC8xx (82xx) architecture
To: None <>
From: Willy Jacobs <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 03/03/2001 17:15:57
NetBSD is already available for a lot of processor architectures. Also
"smaller" embedded systems are supported. There is already a port
underway for
the MPC8xx by David Querbach of Real-Time Systems
although is seems that further development is currently postponed. The
release was from September 2000.

At my work we use the MPC860{SAR,T} a lot and recently we started to use
(2.4*) for a (small) in-house project (student thesis). For the boot
monitor we
use PPCBoot.

Comparing the latest Linux port (see and mailing
this development is much further then the above mentioned NetBSD port.

Before investing a lot of time (myself and others) in a more complete
port, I'm
interested how many people are interested in NetBSD for the MPC8xx/82xx
maybe willing to contribute (develop, test, ...) in some way?