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Re: porting to a idt rc32332

In article <>,
H Girard <> wrote:
>I am enquiring about porting netbsd to a idt79s332 eval board for the
>rc32332 ic . My ultimate intent is to design my own board for an embedded
>design I want to undertake after i am successful with the eval board. 

>Do you know if such a port has been done successfully before . 


    yes, last summer i got BSD partly going on the IDT 79s134 eval
board (it also runs on 79s332).  it boots using IDT/sim's tftp loader... 
but i didn't do anything with the PCI interface, so it only runs from 
a ramdisk (once booted).

    there are some technical issues that need to be resolved before
support can be committed to the tree.  the main problem is that the 
rc32332 has a MIPS3 style MMU, but no 64-bit instructions.   (e.g. so 
all those dmtc0 instructions in locore_mips3.S have to be changed to
mtc0, etc.).  also, the cache is 2-way, but has 16 byte lines (i hacked
around that, but a clean solution is needed ... cgd has some proposals
in this area).   once these problems are sorted out we can commit to
tree.   if you have a board and are interested in playing with what
i've got so far send me email.


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