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Re: NetBSD cross compile from Win32?

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001 wrote:

: >I'm nearly finished with the new gnu/dist/toolchain.  When done, it should
: >be possible to just configure and build gcc/binutils right out of that tree
: >for all NetBSD ELF targets (and for all but ld and gas for a.out).
:       related topic - how can I make use of gnu/dist/toolchain?
:       it seems that gnu/usr.bin/* do not visit there (sorry if I'm mistaken).

There's two goals, in this order:

1. GNU configure (being finished first)
2. BSD makefiles (not yet committed to tree)

The toolchain in gnu/dist/{bfd,binutils,gcc,etc.} was put together the other
way around, and the GNU build structure was never completed.  This time the
GNU build structure is being fixed first, so that we know all changes will
be contributable back to the FSF.

Before #2 is complete, you will be able to do a "./configure; gmake" in
src/gnu/dist/toolchain (particularly useful for cross builds).  However,
there will be BSD makefiles added for native builds.

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