Subject: Re: New patch for mpc8xx port
To: David Querbach <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 10/09/2000 23:53:23 (David Querbach) writes:
> I've started my mpc8xx port by copying files from the prep port.  For these
> files, I've left the existing $NetBSD$ and $OpenBSD$ RCS id's in place,
> modifying only the code.  For new files of my own creation, I've used $Id$.
> This amounts to adding some new files with $NetBSD$.  From your comments,
> I'm guessing this was wrong.  If so (please confirm), I'll change all new
> files to $Id$ in my next patch file.

you can certainly include netbsd -- or other project -- rcs ids,
though it's sometimes encouraged to do something like:	

	from: $oldid: ...

(and strip the trailing /)

my concern is that somebody, for some reason, thought it appropriate
to add RCS_LOCALID to their RCS build.  If you've done that, you
should definitely not do it.

And, to anybody who has, they shouldn't either; use of that option
with "NetBSD" is meant for "NetBSD project" use only, i.e. on the
NetBSD project cvs servers only (i.e. not even the cvs clients used to
talk to those servers).