Subject: Re: New patch for mpc8xx port
To: None <>
From: David Querbach <>
List: tech-embed
Date: 10/04/2000 17:06:34
> I'd like to compile source tree with your patch, but a lot of rejects 
> was occured when I use your patch.

I'm sorry you had trouble.
> Please teach me how to get which you use current source code tree
> (NetBSD-current source code tree at September 13th) from NetBSD repositry,
> and How can I use your patch?

Here's how to apply one of my patches.  First, understand the patch file
name.  For example,


is a patch file to convert from netbsd-current as of 2000 September 13
(20000913) to my mpc8xx build as of 2000 September 28 (20000928).

Start in a temporary directory:

	% mkdir tmp
	% cd tmp

Now get netbsd-current for the proper date.  Don't add my time zone, just
use the default of UTC:

	% export
	% cvs checkout -d original -D 20000913 src

This checkout will take quite a while to do.  After the first time, we would
like to replace the "cvs checkout ..." with "cvs update -dP -D 2000xxyy
original".  This will fetch only the changes since the last checkout or
update, which is much faster.  

To do this, and to avoid messing up the checked out version, union-mount a
working directory over the original (see mount_union(8)):

	% su 	
	# cd -
	# mkdir src
	# /sbin/mount -t union -o -b original src

Now apply the patch.  Use the "-p1" option to drop the first element
("netbsd/") from all of the path names in the patch file:

	# patch -p1 <../mpc8xx-current-20000913-build-20000928.patch

Now you can build the patched tree:

	# cd src
	# ../bin/mpc8xx-make obj release

Please let me know whether this works better for you.  Also, I'd like to
know if you have success getting your board to boot using my code.


David Querbach
Real-Time Systems Inc.