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Re: Cross env. M8xxppc, the momentum is starting


I tried to se if i could get the /usr/pkgscr/cross going.
But no.
So i tried to compile the /home/roger/usr/scr/lib with
a version of our script like
    export MACHINE_ARCH=powerpc
    export MACHINE=powerpc

    # set up cross translators


and useing the tools i bulid my self.

but something in my config is dead wrong. 
Because i get this.
streamserver.billing$ powermake
all ===> lib
all ===> lib/csu
all ===> lib/csu/powerpc
/home/roger/m8xx/bin/powerpc-elf-gcc -O -fPIC -Werror   -DLIBC_SCCS
lf_so -I/usr/home/roger/usr/src/lib/csu/powerpc/../common_elf -nostdinc
er /home/roger/usr/dst.powerpc/usr/include -c -DCRT0 crt0.c -o crt0.o
In file included from
                 from crt0.c:36:
h:166: f
ield `linkmap' has incomplete type
*** Error code 1 

I have inputed the include files in 

So, did you do any special to get the pkgsrc/cross work?

/Roger strandberg

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