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Date: 02/22/2000 11:30:14
Due to my problems with Netbsd/amiga this night, i still don't have a=20
cross env.
The configure script hangs or netbsd. So meantime i (today) will make a =

cross env on a Linux i386,  just to get going.
And later when the Netbsd system's will be bulid i will use a Netbsd=20

How are you David going to setup the memory and Boot Rom adress?

I want to be able to change the interupt vectors when i boot from a=20
This means that when the boot prom is selected i need to setup RAM into =

adress 0.
Then load kernel from PCMCIA into RAM starting at 0.
Then i need too swap offset for interupt vectors and jmp to Restet=20
vector. DONE.

It will be interesting to look at the ns3c port when it becomes=20

Is egcs-1.1.1 good? like easy to Configure?

For my Boot prom i can use GCC and newlib, but later i whould need egcs =

if it is easier to cross compile.
If i reside on a PPC like mac whould i realy need a cross compiler when =

i will build Netbsd for m8xxpcpc? maybe.

/Roger Strandberg

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> Well! Lets go with sharing.  :-)

Sounds good!
> We planed too use a Mac6100 to handle the Cross compiler env.
> (we got that machine for free, low budget 5000 for Dev board, 50000=20
> 10 prototyps)
> The problem we faced was:
> No Monitor for the Mac ie. doesn't start.
> We don't now what typ of memory model the mac use, like Big-endian=20
> PPC-endian or Little-endian.

I'll be using big-endian, since the PowerPC architechture supports it
the best.

> (endian-ness is a problem for us).

Endianness is a problem for everyone.  :)

> Netbsd can't run on that old mac, so we where going to use MkLinux.

We are using NetBSD on i386 as our host platform, and an MBX821=20
board from Motorola as the target.  Even though we usually run i386=20
Linux, I
decided it would probably be easier to build a new NetBSD system using=20
existing NetBSD system.
> So, to get going we dug up some old A3000 with 2*1 GB HD.
> Benefit: well we have all doc on A3000, it use Big-endian model the=20
> same as we are going to use and we=20
> 	can run Netbsd
> Problem: No Network card (useing Serial), Low memory, slow. Take like =

> 2-6 to compile GCC and BINUTILS
> We use a Win95 to edit the files on the A3000 and to burn Flash proms.=

> BUT is do what you tell it to do.=20
> I will read about the MPC821, so we can discuss general porting of=20
> Netbsd.

I have studied the data books on the MPC821/860.  The memory management
hardware is simpler than the 600 series, but Motorola made an effort to =

it compatible.
> My previous crosscompiler env was gcc 2.7.2.
> Have you find any problem to make a cross compiler with gcc2.9.1-2 ?
> If it's all goes well i will have a working env to night.

I have not tried gcc-2.9x.  The NetBSD "cross" packages use EGCS-1.1.1,
which we nearly have working as a cross-complier from i386-aout to=20
> Have you found any more Doc or howto than this:

I followed these links:

You might also try

> Are there any DOC that descripes what functions that should reside in:=

> locore.s
> pmap.c
> machdep.c
> ?

Other than 291.paper.html, I've been looking at the other ports source=20
for examples.

> Have you any experience with psim (ppc simulator) ?
> I will try it out any way.

Not yet.
> Have you pinked a starting point?
> I will pick Macppc i belive and with alot of looking on the Amiga=20
> I'm new too PPC asm, but not for long.. ;-)

I am proceeding as follows:

  1. Build native NetBSD-1.4.1 system, host=3Di386-aout, target=3D1386-a=
     -- done
  2. Build native NetBSD-current system, host=3Di386-aout, target=3Di386=
     -- in progress
  3. Build cross NetBSD-current system, host=3Di386-aout, target=3Dofppc=

     -- still to do
  4. Copy ofppc to a new directory, say "m8xxppc", and begin modifying=20
     sequence, memory management, and I/O drivers.

I think that the ofppc port may be simpler, thus requiring less
modification.  I could be wrong here.
> /Roger Strandberg
> Hansson & Strandberg Communication


David Querbach,
Real-Time Systems Inc.

P.S. to cc'd recipients:  Some of you asked to be copied on MPC821/860=20
I propose posting my responses to tech-embed from now on, in order to=20
the conversation visible to anyone new who might drop by, rather than
copying you directly.  Please let me know if you still want copies sent
directly to you.
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