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Re: NetBSD ported to MPC860 / MPC8260? (fwd)

> I've written OS-9000 drivers for the MPC860 and firmware test code for the
> MC68360 (the predecessor to the 860, CPU32 instead of PowerPC).  

Sounds good.  Would your code be available for inclusion in a port, or for

> If anyone is looking for someone to include in discussions of NetBSD on an
> MPC860 or MPC8260, please add me to the list.

Will do.  I'll also start posting tech-embed instead, as suggested.

> I'm looking into a design now that would use one or the other of these
> chips.

My friend the ex-Motorola apps engineer says to definitely use the PowerPC
versions in preference to the 68k versions for new designs.  Better
throughput, he said.

In any case, I'll be setting up my cross-development system and studying the
existing ports over the next few weeks.  I have a MBX821 board all set up
and ready to go.  Unfortunately, the manuals make no reference to Open
Firmware, which I think the existing ports require.


David Querbach
Real-Time Systems Inc.

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