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Google Summer of Code 2018 - Progress report

Hello mentors and team, 

week - 3

Things did this week:
1. Understood the implementation of ed25519 and chacha20 in OpenSSH
2. Identify places to add ed25519 and chacha20 in the source tree of netpgp and netpgpverify.

Goals for next week:
1. Add implementation for ed25519 and chahca20 in the source tree for netpgp and netpgpverify
2. Proper compilation, build and install after the modification.

Stretch goals:
1. Testing of added implementations.
2. Identify the constants used in gpg2 to identify ed25519 and chaha20
3. Identify interoperability with OpenSSH for ed25519 and chaha20

Harsh Khatore 

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