Subject: Re: insufficient entropy for rnd
To: Rumi Szabolcs <>
From: None <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 08/12/2003 08:36:12
>Maybe Cyrus SASL (mine is 2.1.12 from pkgsrc) could be compiled
>to use /dev/urandom instead, but for me this sounds more like
>a workaround than a solution at least for a crypto purpose.
>Wouldn't it be better to figure out more entropy sources
>for a better feed of rnd? I also wonder how big the entropy
>gathering pool is and how long it "caches" the entropy
>that has been gathered.

	it really depends on your system configuration.  try rndctl -l
	and add suitable random number source.  i think use of /dev/urandom
	is okay here, but your milage may vary.