Subject: Re: openssl 0.9.7 in NetBSD?
To: Love <>
From: None <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 07/14/2003 14:44:17
>> 	after some more discussions:
>> 	- we should disable kerberos-and-ssl stuff in openssl, as it is not
>> 	  doing the right thing (-> some functions will go away)
>> 	- des_xx -> DES_xx is okay from heimdal POV
>> 	  (-> des_xx goes away, DES_xx will appear)
>> 	so when we import 0.9.7, there'll be a shlib major # bump for libcrypto
>> 	and libdes, and there'll be some changes to heimdal code for des stuff.
>I think this require us to drop kerberos 4 support, both libs and tools
>since its dependant on the old des_ api.

	some other questions:
	- should we supply openssl/des_old.h or not?  des_old.h looks so awful.
	- what should be placed in /usr/include/des.h?  remove it, make it
	  a copy (or symlink) to openssl/des.h (which defines DES_xx), or