Subject: Re: openssl 0.9.7 in NetBSD?
To: Love <>
From: None <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 06/29/2003 20:03:42
>>>>>	here are differences in terms of library symbols.  it seems that the
>>>>>	biggest difference is rename of des_xx functions to DES_xx functions.
>>>>>	it has a large impact on existing codebase, i guess.  we may need to
>>>>>	provide aliases or whatever.
>> 	another thing is, ssl-with-heimdal is currently not supported, it
>> 	seems.
>openssl inlines part of the mit internal code, i don't think that can be
>expected to work.

	there are #ifdef KRB5_HEIMDAL inside ssl/kssl.c.  i guess the part
	of code needs to be synchronized with heimdal.  also Configure script
	has the following portion.


	if ($withargs{"krb5-flavor"} =~ /^[Hh]eimdal$/)
		die "Sorry, Heimdal is currently not supported\n";
	if ($withargs{"krb5-flavor"} =~ /^force-[Hh]eimdal$/)
		warn "Heimdal isn't really supported.  Your build WILL break\n";
		warn "If you fix the problems, please send a patch to openssl-de

	if ($withargs{"krb5-flavor"} =~ /^[Mm][Ii][Tt]/)