Subject: Re: openssl 0.9.7 in NetBSD?
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 06/29/2003 08:56:51
>>	here are differences in terms of library symbols.  it seems that the
>>	biggest difference is rename of des_xx functions to DES_xx functions.
>>	it has a large impact on existing codebase, i guess.  we may need to
>>	provide aliases or whatever.
>	DES/des functions are not renames, but API changes.  see des_old.h
>	shipped with 0.9.7b.  we may need to supply old functions to users,
>	for backward compat's sake (or a shlib major bump).

	a split of libdes and libcrypto is clearly needed.
	which functions have to be provided by libdes?