Subject: Re: OpenSSH enum patch
To: Ben Harris <>
From: None <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 01/07/2002 08:28:43
>OpenSSH defines enums for syslog facilities and levels, but assumes (e.g.
>in log_facility_number and log_level_number), that it's OK to cast -1 to a
>value of this type, even though -1 isn't a member of either enum.  This
>may stop working on NetBSD/arm sometime soon.
>A simple fix to this is below.  It would be better if the extra value had
>a more descriptive name, and if it were used by name everywhere rather
>than hardcoding -1, but this fix is enough to get the code to compile
>correctly with -fshort-enums.

	please send it to