Subject: Re: kerberosV with kerberosIV compatibility
To: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
From: Love <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 11/02/2000 08:26:33
"Tracy J. Di Marco White" <> writes:

> }What are you trying to do. Get a krb4 ticket directly ?
> What I'd most like to do is to login and get K5 & K4 tickets automatically.
> Failing that, log in and get K5 tickets then be able to kinit -4 and get K4
> tickets.  I don't necessarily have krb5.conf set up correctly to do that,
> but I've gotten several different answers about how to set that up, and have
> no idea which one is correct.

The code uses the same function to get the hosts in the get-initial-ticket
and convert-krb5-to-krb4-tickets. So it should just work. Can you tcpdump
and see what servers you are trying to talk to ?
> I'd also love to be able to use encrypted telnet between our standard K4
> clients and NetBSD's K5/K4 enabled telnet(d).

Then you'll need a srvtab, if you have a keytab it can be converted using
`ktutil key2srvtab'.