Subject: re: Heimdal import into crypto-intl
To: Assar Westerlund <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 01/10/2000 00:42:23
   1. Bootstrap programs.  Heimdal has two programs that are build and
      that are used during the build process.
      a. How do I make sure the right thing happens when cross-building?
      b. How can I specify the order that stuff needs to be build in
      while compiling?  Right now, I have moved the stuff that's
      important into subdirectories of the relevant libraries for them to
      get build in the correct order.

i guess `make build' here should:
	(a) build these tools properly before hand
	(b) setup the PATH to find these

      c. Since these need to be run when building the tree, some amount
      of -rpath was needed to be able to run them before the required
      libraries are installed.  But that's bad since when installing them
      you don't want those paths in the binaries.  What's the recommended
      way of handling this?
link them statically?

   2. There's some infrastructure stuff that's not necesarilly tied to
      Heimdal and that should probably go into the normal source.  But
      for now I'll import it as part of Heimdal and then try to move
      things to a more proper location.

which is this, btw?
   5. I don't quite understand how this is supposed to fit into
      crypto-intl/Makefile* and src/Makefile*.  Anyone care to enlighten me?

look at src/lib/Makefile, src/usr.bin/Makefile, etc., at this part
(from the former):

# XXX Crypto bits must be dealt with before libtelnet.
.if defined(CRYPTOPATH)
.sinclude "${CRYPTOPATH}/lib/Makefile.frag"

so look at crypto-intl/lib/Makefile.frag to see where libraries are built,