Subject: Re: Releases
To: '' <>
From: Mason, Shane <>
List: tech-crypto
Date: 10/21/1999 12:52:44
I have been told that there is a developer CVS tree/branch for NetBSD crypto
in Finland.  I have some questions about that repository.

1) Does this repository contain strong crypto (3DES, RC4-128, Blowfish,
IDEA, CAST, etc.)
2) Who works on this code?  Is it only non-US developers?
3) Does the crypto code in this repository get integrated into the US
version of -current, or is the US crypto developed in the US?
4) How does this code differ from domestic crypto code in the US?
5) To whom do I converse if I want to volunteer to house the anon cvs/ftp
site for international crypto.

I hope that there is someone who can answer these questions.