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Re: Linux emulation, binary software, cluster/grid and SMP

Hi !!!

Il giorno mar, 17/01/2006 alle 21.53 -0500, George Georgalis ha scritto:

> Has anyone used linux emulation to run "The Intel Fortran Compiler
> 9.0" on "a system based on an AMD Athlon* or AMD Opteron*
> processor." Where there issues? How was performance?
No, but if you know something that's using the intel's compiler, 
let us know! I'm very interested in this topic.

> I see MatLAB is mentioned on the NetBSD front page, is it "make
> and play" does anyone have experiences to share, with its install
> and operation?

Yes. The only thing to do (for me) is to mount ptyfs and start 
the installation procedure NOT from X, that this doesn't works for me.

... Anger is a gift ... 

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