Subject: Re: Clustering Software on CD
To: None <>
From: GuRU <>
List: tech-cluster
Date: 07/01/2005 10:31:50
Hey Albert
check the following site

also check this introductory email from Jan Schaumann


Albert Yang wrote:

>Hello, I joined the list with hopes of finding more stuff out about Netbsd
>with respect to clustering.
>I have been using OpenMosix on Clusterknoppix; I wanted however a BSD
>solution that was similiar.
>First, the only thing I found was Cluster-it, and even then, it's webpage
>seems to be down, so I only read the cache'd version from google.
>Second, there seems to be very little documentation about how to use
>netbsd in a clustered environment, and what little documentation is
>haphazard at best.  I read about netbsd cluster used in some Marathon
>picture splicing, but it didn't say anything about what software was used
>for clustering.
>Finally, I'm hoping there's a OpenMosix like solution for BSD, in which I
>can drop in a CD, and get it up and running without having to install nor
>the need for HD's.  Is there anything like that for BSD??
>I'm more than willing to help out in projects, but I've not even found a
>project to help out with.
>Thanks in advance.