Subject: Re: FreeBSD's package cluster
To: Lars Nordlund <>
From: Mark Linimon <>
List: tech-cluster
Date: 05/30/2005 00:08:41
On Thursday 19 May 2005 05:03 pm, Lars Nordlund wrote:
> Another feature with my parallel patch, which FreeBSD currently lacks
> (I think?), is the possibility to use it at any moment.

There is a separate project from the main FreeBSD build cluster which
is a set of scripts developed by Joe Marcus Clarke (one of the members
of the portmgr team) which is called the "Marcuscom Tinderbox".  It
supports incremental builds in different environments, and is used
by the KDE team (among others) to pre-test updates before they are
committed to the main tree.  Although it is quite specific to FreeBSD,
some of the ideas may be applicable to pkgsrc.

I don't know exactly to what degree Joe Marcus could support other
changes, but he gave me permission to post the pointer so any interested
parties could take a look: