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Re: Ganglia in pkgsrc

On 2005-02-07, Jan Schaumann <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just imported Ganglia into pkgsrc.  See
> for details.  NetBSD support had to be
> added, and while I think I got most things working correctly, it
> certainly wouldn't hurt if somebody else could check it out.
> At the moment, we have the two basic packages in pkgsrc:
> parallel/ganglia-monitor-core and www/ganglia-webfrontend.  I intend to
> also check out the gexec execution environment and possibly the python
> client, though if somebody beats me to it... :-)
> I'll deploy ganglia on one of my clusters over the next few weeks and
> will post the URL of the resuls here when everything's working.

Thanks a lot for doing this. I'm looking forward to see ganglia
running fine under NetBSD. In a month or so, I'm going to build a
LAM/MPI based cluster with several NetBSD machines and, at that time,
I'll comment on the ganglia support.

 Rui Paulo <>

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