Subject: Re: Install cluster - Please help !!!
To: None <>
From: Ron Chen <>
List: tech-cluster
Date: 09/04/2004 15:37:43
SGE support for NetBSD was checked into the project
cvs for a long time, you just need to get the SGE 5.3
branch source tree from the SGE project site cvs.


--- MLH <> wrote:
> > Hi, 
> >  
> > Do you use Sun Grid Engine ? How does it work ?
> I've checked your website but I 
> > don't see any information about how SGE. 
> >  
> > > for linkage analysis. We are running an
> SGE-enabled version of 
> > > SOLAR that manages all compute tasks. Currently
> the cluster is 
> > > composed of MP Athlons and a few experimental
> Opteron boxes running 
> > > solaris86. 
> We use GridEngine on Solaris/Solaris86. The cluster
> is all running
> Solaris86 right now. I had a local student working
> to port SGE to
> NetBSD for me last year. Several people were
> apparently working on
> it at the same time and it came together, but I've
> been too busy
> to do much with a NetBSD cluster right now.
> SGE is essentially integrated into the front-end of
> our software.
> All of tour software can run without SGE. It just
> make things easier
> to work iwth a cluster.  There is a custom version
> of SOLAR that
> embeds the SGE control mechanisms to launch and
> manage the tasks
> and we have many other scripts which use SGE to
> manage custom
> operations. We haven't implemented any smp-type
> code. It's just
> typical task-oriented code that we throw at a bunch
> of processors
> at the same time. Much of what we do can be broken
> down for analysis
> by marker, chromosome, trait, or individual etc. so
> it's easier to
> arrange to have several hundred cpus each run one
> fairly linear
> task at a time and report back when done.  Not
> terribly fancy, but
> quite effective.
> If you are interested, I can likely put you touch
> with a couple of
> people who develop the SGE management facilities.

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