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Re: Install cluster - Please help !!!

> We are going to setup a cluster of 16 identical nodes and 1 master node.
> already have hardware setup now we have to install software to make it run
as a
> cluster. The way we want our cluster work is as follows: users will send
> requests to the master node; master node will distribute the requests to
> other nodes; the cluster should work with any application software.
> Our problem is we don't know what software we should use to make a cluster
> how to setup a cluster.  We would appreciate very much if you could give
> your advice.

Looks to me that MOSIX is the way to go for you, but you'll have to give up
on NetBSD
for that (unless you want to port it first, ofcourse). The only requirement
for MOSIX to
work here is that the applications are multithreaded, which most 'heavy'
are these days. If you want to stick to NetBSD, special clustering API's
like PVM and
MPI are a must for your software.


T.E. Spanjaard

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