Subject: Re: Linux vs FreeBSD clusters (was: how are the Redhat product changes affecting existing and future plans?)
To: None <>
From: MLH <>
List: tech-cluster
Date: 11/07/2003 08:17:50
Jan Schaumann wrote:

> Rayson Ho <> wrote:
>> Anyone tried to setup HPC clusters with *BSD??
> I have a 30 node NetBSD/i386 cluster, and just recently created the
> mailing list.  Some people are working on a port
> of SGE to NetBSD, too.  I hope to expand the awareness of NetBSD in
> particular for cluster usage in the near future.

We are running a cluster of about 700 dual processor Athlons (and
growing) right now for genetics research. They all run solaris86,
but we know we need to move to other os platforms. At least one of
the targets, and likely the first, would be NetBSD, but we have a
number of issues to address before we can do this.

At the same time, we would like to work on some sort of cluster
install/management package. Jan and I have talked about trying to
arrange for a grant to do some of this development. If anyone is
seriously interested and has the appropriate background to work on
this, consider contacting us. No promises, but if we can get a
decent team together, we have a good chance of getting funding. It
would initially need to address our concerns if we head the up the
grant application/management aspects, but I would expect it to
develop into a more general-purpose package.