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cluster alternative/option.

While me and another sysadmin were recompiling buildworld on our email server (Freebsd), we decided to fool around a bit since it was 230am and we had some extra boxes. We installed freebsd 5.1 and 'clusterit', a cluster port that can have one virtual terminal on each of the clusters and run copies of a process by just issuing a command from the prompt.

Just thought I'd share since I found this out yesterday.

It's not exactly what we're looking for. We want Parallel computing, so now we're looking at beowulf and maybe linux for the nodes, etc. Kind of sucks, cause we really like freebsd and most of the software (for the master server) gears towards Linux. The nodes, I believe, can be whatever you want, but the master needs to be linux because of the software available for it.

I appologize, if this is incorporating two different ideas from separate lists.


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