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Re: clustering.

On Thu, 23 Oct 2003, Craig Harding wrote:

> I've tried to find specific instructions, howto's about doing this with
> freebsd, netbsd, in general and haven't found a thing. Is there a
> package or program that I can use for this that someone is already
> working on? A daemon, etc that communicates with the designated clusters??

You'd use different software depending on what sort of clustering you
need. For redundancy and load sharing, some applications, such as DNS
and RADIUS, let you use a "cluster" without the individual machines even
knowing that they're participating in a cluster; this is due to the
design of the protocol.

So you first need to figure out what applications you want the cluster
to support, and then figure out what software, if any, you need for each
particular applications.

I recommend a book I previously mentioned here, Gregory Pfister's
_In Search Of Clusters_ (2nd ed.) if you want to learn more about

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