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Welcome to tech-cluster

Hello all and welcome to tech-cluster,

Since this is a brand-spanking new mailing list, I thought I'd send a
'welcome' message to get the ball rolling.  Thus:  ``welcome''!

So what's this list about and what kind of discussions do we want on
this list?

Obviously, the list is intended for technical discussions on building
and using clusters of NetBSD hosts.  That may include very specific
setups and very NetBSD-centric questions, but I believe that general
clustering issues, such as hardware choice, cooling issues etc. would
also be on topic.

Currently, we do not have any resources regarding clustering NetBSD, so
if you are managing a specific setup, it would be great if you could
send a messsage to this list describing it, how you set it up, what
problems you encountered and how you overcame them.  Similarly, if you
have ported certain specific applications or are using proprietary
applications that are not in pkgsrc for use on a NetBSD cluster, I'm
sure that we all would be interested in hearing about it.  If you have
links to websites, the better.  (For starters, I'll toss in the cluster
I'm administering at work -- -- if you have
questions regarding this setup, feel free to post here.)

We may lateron decide to put together a web page focusing on clustering
NetBSD, depending on what information we can gather.

And I guess that's about it -- given the overall quality of the NetBSD
mailing lists, I don't think it's necessary to get into the details of
netiquette etc.  Thank god.

So, uhm, enjoy! :-)


P.S.:  This is the first majordomo list I own, so if any administrative
tasks take longer than what you're used to from other NetBSD lists, bear
with me.


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