Subject: Re: CVS commit: src/distrib/notes/common
To: YAMAMOTO Takashi <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: source-changes
Date: 02/20/2006 15:32:09
On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, YAMAMOTO Takashi wrote:
>> Modified Files:
>> 	src/distrib/notes/common: legal.common
>> Log Message:
>> Add text requested by term (b) of
>> localsrc/legal/TheOpenGroup/TOG_LICENSE
> - does our tree have materials from them already?

No, but I expect to happen at least with the Wide Curses support,
and I wanted to do this now instead of forgetting this.

> - is "{Product Name}" ok as-is?

I'm not sure. Can you have a look at 
localsrc/legal/TheOpenGroup/TOG_LICENSE section (b) and tell me what you 
think? What confuses me is that the license text does mention "NetBSD" in 
many places, so maybe this is intended to be kept generic: If FooBSD wants 
to add our manpages, they'd have to state ``Portions of this text are 
reprinted and reproduced in electronic form in the FooBSD'', and of course 
this would only be true if they asked for permission.

At least that's as smart as I am from the license text, which is not very 
much on an absolute scale.

  - Hubert