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From: Thomas Klausner <>
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Date: 02/06/2006 18:59:16
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Date:		Mon Feb  6 18:59:16 UTC 2006

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Updated groff to 1.19.2. User-visible changes since 1.19.1:

VERSION 1.19.2


o Analogously to the .ft and \f pair, two new requests `gcolor' and
  `fcolor' (which pair with \m and \M, respectively) have been added to
  set the glyph and background colours.

o A new read-only, string-valued register `.sty' returns the name of the
  current style.

o Two new conditional operators `F <name>' and `S <name>' have been added.
  `F' is true if a font <name> exists.  `S' is true if a style <name> has
  been registered.

o Cyrillic characters have been added to the `utf8' and `html' output


o The `by' argument in a `for' loop can now be negative if it is additive.
  For the multiplicative case, it must be greater than zero.


o The following keywords aren't new but haven't been documented previously:

    undef NAME    (to undefine a macro)
    copy  "FILE"  (a synonym for `include')
    space n       (to modify the vertical spacing before and after
                   an equation)

o The following macros aren't new but haven't been documented previously:

    Alpha, ..., Omega   (the same as `ALPHA', ..., `OMEGA')
    ldots               (three dots on the base line)
    dollar              (a dollar glyph)

o The following keywords have been extended.  Again, this isn't new but
  hasn't been documented previously:

    col n { ... }
    lcol n { ... }
    rcol n { ... }
    ccol n { ... }
    pile n { ... }
    lpile n { ... }
    rpile n { ... }
    cpile n { ... }   (set vertical spacing between rows to N)


o This device driver has been raised to beta stage; its set of tags should
  be stable now.

o New command line option `-s' to set the base point size.

o New command line option `-S' to set the split level while generating
  multiple files.


o Experimental support for zero-width and double-width characters.


o On platforms which have the X Window System this program is now built and
  installed automatically.

[not in NetBSD's base system]


o This program to create font definition files for xditview isn't new but
  hasn't been installed previously.

[not in NetBSD's base system]


o A security problem (reported as CAN-2004-0969) has been fixed.


o A new script contributed by Mike Bianchi.  It compares two groff, nroff,
  or troff documents and creates an output with added margin characters
  (using `.mc') to indicate the differences.



o A new wrapper script contributed by Keith Marshall to easily create PDF
  documents with groff.

[not installed, uses ghostscript]

Macro packages

o ms.tmac

  . Support for fractional point sizes: A value for the `PS', `VS', `FPS',
    and `VPS' register larger than or equal to 1000 is always divided by
    1000.  For example, `.nr PS 10250' sets the document's font size to
    10.25 points.

  . The `Ds' and `De' macros provided in ms since groff version 1.19 have
    been removed; the equivalent `DS' and `DE' macros should be used
    instead.  X11 documents which actually use `Ds' and `De' always load a
    specific macro file from the X11 distribution (`macros.t') which
    provides proper definitions for the two macros.

  . The following registers have been added for improving layout control:

      Defines number of lines following `LP', `PP', `QP', `IP' or `XP' which
      must be kept together, before any automatic page break.

      Sets number of lines of following paragraph which must be kept with a
      heading, defined by `NH' or `SH', before any automatic page break.

      Sets the first level of heading (set with `NH') which will keep the
      same point size as body text.

      Sets the point size increment for each level of heading (set with
      `NH'), below the threshold level set by `GROWPS'; e.g., if
      \n[PS] = 10, \n[GROWPS] = 3 and \n[PSINCR] = 2.0p, then `.NH 1' will
      produce 14pt headings, `.NH 2' will produce 12pt, and all other levels
      will remain at 10pt (because \n[PS] = 10).

  . The `SH' macro now accepts a numeric argument, to make heading size
    match that of `NH' with same argument value when the `GROWPS'/`PSINCR'
    feature is enabled.

  Please refer to the documentation of the ms package for other, minor

o me.tmac

  The section type set with the `++' request is available in the `_M'
  register.  This isn't new but hasn't been documented before.

o www.tmac

  The `HR' macro no longer causes an empty line for non-HTML devices.

  A new macro `HEAD' has been added to directly add data to the
  <head>...</head> block.

  New macros `OLS' and `OLE' to start and end an ordered list.

  New macros `DLS' and `DLE' to start and end a definition list.


o A new macro package contributed by Keith Marshall which implements PDF
  marks.  This is in alpha stage currently.

[not installed, needs ghostscript]


o Two new keywords to the DESC file have been added which are needed for
  grohtml: `image_generator' and `unscaled_charwidths'.  The former gives
  the name of the program which creates PNG images, and the latter makes
  troff always use unscaled character widths.

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