Subject: Re: CVS commit: src
To: matthew green <>
From: Christian Limpach <>
List: source-changes
Date: 05/13/2004 16:44:42

From: "matthew green" <>
>    Log Message:
>    `` -m xen-i386 release'' now builds a release for NetBSD/xen
>    for i386.  The resulting release consists of:
>    - NetBSD/xen for i386 kernel, loader and docuemntation
>    - NetBSD/i386 userland sets
> if the userland is the same, is there any particular reason that
> i386 can't just include a "xen" kernel?  eg, the way that sparc
> includes a 32bit "sparc64" kernel.  see sparc/conf/GENERIC_SUN4U.

I'd actually prefer this since you install NetBSD/i386 first and then switch
to the NetBSD/xen kernel.
There might be 2 problems with this though:
- if arch/i386/conf/GENERIC_XEN doesn't compile, release for i386 will fail
- nothing will build the NetBSD/xen loader and documentation

> this would avoid having to have another port to "release".

I was thinking that we could maybe add a knob which prevents building the
sets at all for -m xen-*.