Subject: Re: CVS commit: basesrc/etc/rc.conf.d
To: None <>
From: Darren Reed <>
List: source-changes
Date: 04/18/2002 22:51:30
In some email I received from Luke Mewburn, sie wrote:
> For what it's worth, inflammatory comments about worldwide political
> events have no place on NetBSD discussion forums.  It's like bringing
> in the proverbial nazism analogies.

i think you missed the point I was making with that statement but I'm not
going to belabour it.

>   | Luke was going to send me his thoughts on this but he's neglected to do
>   | so.
> By the time I read my email today, other people's email on the topic
> had already covered what I was going to say, which was that your
> change was inappropriate and should have been discussed first. 
> I had already mentioned some of those thoughts to to you yesterday in
> a quick chat after the commit.

so you just said nothing and let me find out by myself.  i guess that's
some sort of macho thing about being responsible for sections of netbsd
that I don't understand.

>   | I'll have to remember to disregard what he says in future about
>   | what NetBSD supports (you can blame him for putting the seed of this
>   | in my mind by mentioning NetBSD supported this earlier in the week,
>   | which I took as an indication that it was ok for NetBSD to use.  Stupid
>   | me for trusting heresay and a few lines of shell code.)
> Your blameshifting is inappropriate.  It's your fault for:
> 	+ not doing appropriate research into the prior art of what
> 	  NetBSD was currently doing

and what would that research have uncovered but continued use of rc.conf
by scripts in rc.d ?

> 	+ not discussing such a change when you've admitted that you
> 	  didn't fully understand what was going on (by giving
> 	  spurious reasons like "you didn't have time to ask" or
> 	  whatever).

well, to me, it didn't seem that significant but i'm not as religious
as some about what goes where and how it's used.  i just prefer things
to make sense, logically, and it seemed perfect sense, to me, to have
a file per script with the "changables" in it rather than lump them
all in the same file, in no particular order.  sort of like a bad
hangover from the way /etc/rc used to work, if you ask me.