Subject: CVS commit: doc
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: source-changes
Date: 03/20/2002 02:39:48
Module Name:	doc
Committed By:	hubertf
Date:		Wed Mar 20 00:39:48 UTC 2002

Modified Files:
	doc: pkg-CHANGES

Log Message:
Update irssi to 0.8.4.
Patch sent in by Otto Hilska <> in private mail.


v0.8.4 2002-03-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Continuing to fix my stupid mistakes...

	- When a queried nick did a nick change, it might have crashed irssi
	- read ChangeLog for some other minor changes

v0.8.3 2002-03-13  Timo Sirainen <>

	- Perl scripts handling channel parts/kicks/quits printed some
	- Connecting to IPv6 servers without IPv4 record didn't work
	- When queries were auto-created by you using /MSG and you had
	  /SET autoclose_query non-zero, the query was always destroyed
	  almost immediately.
	- Fix to some stupid ircds not sending us 001 numeric, but
	  beginning from MOTD

v0.8.2 2002-03-11  Timo Sirainen <>

	* Changed the list of scripts distributed with irssi. Separated
	  example scripts to scripts/examples/ directory.

	* Hated infobar was removed, the same info is now in topicbar in
	  empty windows. I don't think it would disturb anyone in there.
	  If you still preferred always-empty topicbars, use
	  /SBAR topic REMOVE topic_empty

	+ Added info_eol field to theme. If true, timestamp and server tag
	  are added to end of line, not at beginning.
	+ If -4 or -6 option is used with /SERVER, irssi now forces the
	  connection using the given protocol or fails.
	+ /SET max_wildcard_modes (default 6) - if a wildcard to /OP, /DEOP,
	  /VOICE or /DEVOICE matches more nicks than this, -yes option is
	  required. This is trying to prevent accidental massops. Setting
	  it to 0 disables this check.
	+ Supports now correctly servers which use '.' char as channel owner
	  character in /NAMES list. Also supports multiple mode chars, eg.
	  @+nick (if some server actually used it).
	+ Never ignore kick message if you get kicked from channel.
	+ Sending irssi SIGHUP now does a /RELOAD - useful if you
	  accidentally messed up something which doesn't let you do the
	  /RELOAD inside irssi (eg. /SBAR prompt DISABLE).
	+ irssi-proxy: PROXY CTCP ON|OFF - proxy clients can send this
	  command to specify that they want to handle the received CTCP
	  requests. Useful for specifying who gets to handle DCCs.
	+ Added escape_char /BIND command. The next char after that would be
	  added as-is to input line.
	- Writing lines longers than 1024 chars to input buffer crashed
	  irssi (stupid missing sizeof() bug :)
	- Some UTF-8 fixes
	- Better flood protection for lines with >100 chars
	- Control characters aren't printed as-is in topicbar (or statusbars
	  in general) anymore
	- /OPER can be now aborted by giving empty password
	- Netjoin messages were buggy in +channels
	- Part message parameter for /CYCLE was never used.
	- Don't send -autosendcmd after /UPGRADE.
	- /SET autoclose_query - now only last received private message
	  affects when the query is closed, ie. /WHOIS requests or nick
	  changes don't reset the counter.
	- Foreground ANSI colors weren't working
	- Deleting one character replaced cutbuffer with that character.
	  Also ^Y leaked memory.
	- /SCRIPT LOAD looked scripts from prefix/lib dir, not prefix/share
	  where they were actually installed.
	- Highascii chars in replaces block in theme files could have
	  crashed irssi.

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