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From: Hubert Feyrer <>
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Date: 03/04/2002 01:31:28
Module Name:	doc
Committed By:	hubertf
Date:		Sun Mar  3 23:31:28 UTC 2002

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	doc: pkg-CHANGES

Log Message:
Update of chat/silc-client to version 0.8.
Contributed by Lubomir Sedlacik <> in PR 15772.


- added support for optional perl support to Makefile
- added PLIST.perl for package with perl support enabled
- updated MASTER_SITEs
- updated patches

This version introduces the new Irssi-SILC client which is based in the new
Irssi 0.8.1 version.  In addition of being entirely new irssi base this
version also introduces the perl scripting support.  With this scripting
support it is possible to create scripts that introduce new features and new
commands.  It is also possible to create a bot with it.

The client config file has changed too.  The old "silc.conf" (which was the
silc specific config file) is now gone, and the "config" (which was the irssi
specific config file) is now renamed as silc.conf, and includes both silc
stuff and irssi stuff.  So, after installing this new client I suggest
removing the old silc.conf file since otherwise when you run the new client it
will yell you about the config file.  Be warned.

When you look at the new silc.conf config file you will see settings like,
"crypto_default_cipher", "crypto_default_hash" and "crypto_default_hmac".
These are the silc specific settings and you can freely edit them (or use
/SET command) to include what ever value you prefer.  The default values
should fit to all since they are the SILC protocol default ones.  Anyway,
they are editable if you want to edit, but you don't need to edit them.

New commands that this new client introduces is for example /STATUSBAR.
With this command you can manage the different bars on the screen.  Like,
whether to show topic bar or not etc.

most significant changes in silc-client since version

* Fixed CUMODE_CHANGE notify handling to change the mode of correct client
* Allow zero length channel messages inside the Channel Message Payload
* The silc_cipher_register, silc_hash_register and silc_hmac_register now
  checks if the object to be registered is registered already
* Merged the new SILC Config library, with the server parsing support.
  Read the header file silcconfig.h or the toolkit documentation for the
* Added new Passphrase and Publickey authentication methods to config file,
  allowing both public key and passphrase based authentication to be set at
  the same time.
* Added `prefer_passphrase_auth' setting in config file which can be used to
  set to prefer passwd auth if both passwd and public key is set. If not set,
  public key is preferred.  This has effect only when being initiator
  (responder will try both anyway).
* Added support for authentication with passphrase and public key at the same
  time. The passphrase is tried first always since it is faster to check.
* Fixed the public key authentication to allocate always the destination
  signature buffer instead of using static buffer.
* Add the client on channel after it was resolved at the channel message
  receiving, and it was not already on the channel.
* Fixed command line parameter handling. All SILC initialization is now done
  in silc_core_init() which also fixes autoconnecting to servers.
* Rewrote the notify handling in Irssi SILC client to not call the events as
  signals. Fixes problems with Perl support.
* Send the auto-nicking NICK command in client library with little timeout
  after connecting.
* Fixed padding problem in PKCS#1. The padding was not actually random since
  the random number generator was used incorrectly. This security bug affects
  only when encrypting with PKCS#1, and it is not currently used at all in
  SILC. SILC only use signing with PKCS#1.
* Fixed a NICK change bug in client library, to not recreate the
  client_entry->channels hash table everytime nick is changed.
* Fixed NICK change printing in Irssi SILC Client. Fixed KICKED notify
  printing in Irssi SILC Client.
* Fixed the lib/silcsftp/sftp_fs_memory.c to use silcutil routines instead
  of calling directly OS routines.
* Added proper initializations to silc's irssi code, so it's now possible
  to load it as module.
* Added silc_schedule_reinit function to do the enlarging of the max tasks
  handling capabilities of the scheduler.
* Added `prefer_ipv6' argument to the functions
  silc_net_gethostbyname[_async]. If it is TRUE it will return IPv6 address
  over IPv4. If FALSE IPv4 address is returned even if IPv6 address was
* Added support silc_net_create_connection[_async] to fallback to IPv4
  address if IPv6 address could not be used (like if it doesn't work on
  a specific system).

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