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From: Christoph Badura <>
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Date: 07/08/2001 17:08:03
Module Name:	doc
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Date:		Sun Jul  8 14:08:03 UTC 2001

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	doc: pkg-CHANGES

Log Message:
Note update of mysql-{client,server} to 3.23.39.

Changes in release 3.23.39

* If one dropped and added an `AUTO_INCREMENT' column, the
`AUTO_INCREMENT' sequence wasn't reset.
* `CREATE .. SELECT' now creates not unique indexes delayed.
* Fixed problem where `LOCK TABLES table_name READ' followed by
`FLUSH TABLES' put a exclusive lock on the table.
* `REAL' @variables with was represented with 2 digits when
converted to strings.
* Fixed problem that client 'hung' when `LOAD TABLE FROM MASTER'
* Running `myisamchk --fast --force' will no longer repair tables
that only had the open count wrong.
* Added functions to handle symbolic links to make life easier in
* We are now using the `-lcma' thread library on HP-UX 10.20 to get
*MySQL* more stable on HP-UX.
* Fixed problem with `IF()' and number of decimals in the result.
* Fixed date-part extraction functions to work with dates where day
and/or month is 0.
* Extended argument length in option files from 256 to 512 chars.
* Fixed problem with shutdown when `INSERT DELAYED' was waiting for
* Fixed coredump bug in InnoDB when tablespace was full.
* Fixed problem with `MERGE' tables and big tables (> 4G) when using

Changes in release 3.23.38

* Fixed a bug when `SELECT' from `MERGE' table sometimes results in
incorrectly ordered rows.
* Fixed a bug in `REPLACE()' when using the ujis character set.
* Applied Sleepycat BDB patches and
* Added option `--skip-stack-trace' to `mysqld'.
* `CREATE TEMPORARY' now works with `InnoDB' tables.
* `InnoDB' now promotes sub keys to whole keys.
* Added option `CONCURRENT' to `LOAD DATA'.
* Better error message when slave `max_allowed_packet' is too low to
read a very long log event from the master.
* Fixed bug when too many rows where removed when using `SELECT
* `SHOW CREATE TABLE' now returns `TEMPORARY' for temporary tables.
* Added `Rows_examined' to slow query log.
* Fixed problems with function returning empty string when using
together with a group functions and a `WHERE' that didn't match
any rows.
* New program `mysqlcheck'.
* Added database name to output for administrative commands like
* Lots of portability fixes for InnoDB.
* Changed optimizer so that queries like `SELECT * FROM
table_name,table_name2 ... ORDER BY key_part1 LIMIT #' will use
index on `key_part1' instead of `filesort'.
* Fixed bug when doing `LOCK TABLE to_table WRITE,...; INSERT INTO
to_table... SELECT ...' when `to_table' was empty.
* Fixed bug with `LOCK TABLE' and BDB tables.

Changes in release 3.23.37

* Fixed a bug when using `MATCH' in `HAVING' clause.
* Fixed a bug when using `HEAP' tables with `LIKE'.
* Added `--mysql-version' to `safe_mysqld'
* Changed `INNOBASE' to `InnoDB' (because the `INNOBASE' name was
already used). All `configure' options and `mysqld' start options
are now using `innodb' instead of `innobase'. This means that you
have to change any configuration files where you have used
`innobase' options before upgrading to this version!
* Fixed bug when using indexes on `CHAR(255) NULL' columns.
* Slave thread will now be started even if `master-host' is not set,
as long as `server-id' is set and valid `' is present
* Partial updates (terminated with kill) are now logged with a
special error code to the binary log. Slave will refuse to execute
them if the error code indicates the update was terminated
abnormally, and will have to be recovered with `SET
SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER=1; SLAVE START' after a manual sanity
check/correction of data integrity.
* Fixed bug that erroneously logged a drop of internal temporary
table on thread termination to the binary log - bug affected
* Fixed a bug in `REGEXP()' on 64-bit machines.
* `UPDATE' and `DELETE' with `WHERE unique_key_part IS NULL' didn't
update/delete all rows.
* Disabled `INSERT DELAYED' for tables that support transactions.
* Fixed bug when using date functions on `TEXT'/`BLOB' column with
wrong date format.
* UDFs now also work on Windows. (Patch by Ralph Mason)
* Fixed bug in `ALTER TABLE' and `LOAD DATA INFILE' that disabled
key-sorting. These commands should now be faster in most cases.
* Fixed performance bug where reopened tables (tables that had been
waiting for `FLUSH' or `REPAIR') would not use indexes for the
next query.
* Fixed problem with `ALTER TABLE' to Innobase tables on FreeBSD.
* Added `mysqld' variables `myisam_max_sort_file_size' and
* Initialize signals early to avoid problem with signals in Innobase.
* Applied patch for the `tis620' character set to make comparisons
case-independent and to fix a bug in `LIKE' for this character set.
*NOTE*: All tables that uses the `tis620' character set must be
fixed with  `myisamchk -r' or `REPAIR TABLE' !
* Added `--skip-safemalloc' option to `mysqld'.

Changes in release 3.23.36

* Fixed a bug that allowed you to use database names containing a `.'
character.  This fixes a serious security issue when `mysqld' is
run as root.
* Fixed bug when thread creation failed (could happen when doing a
LOT of connections in a short time).
* Fixed some problems with `FLUSH TABLES' and `TEMPORARY' tables.
(Problem with freeing the key cache and error `Can't reopen
* Fixed a problem in Innobase with other character sets than `latin1'
and another problem when using many columns.
* Fixed bug that caused a core dump when using a very complex query
involving `DISTINCT' and summary functions.
* Added `SELECT ... FOR UPDATE'.
* Fixed bug where the number of affected rows was not returned when
`MySQL' was compiled without transaction support.
* Fixed a bug in `UPDATE' where keys weren't always used to find the
rows to be updated.
* Fixed a bug in `CONCAT_WS()' where it returned wrong results.
* Changed `CREATE ... INSERT' and `INSERT ... SELECT' to not allow
concurrent inserts as this could make the binary log hard to
repeat.  (Concurrent inserts are enabled if you are not using the
binary or update log).
* Changed some macros to be able to use fast mutex with glibc 2.2.

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