Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: source-changes
Date: 10/15/2000 17:30:24
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	itojun
Date:		Sun Oct 15 14:30:23 UTC 2000

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/sendmail: Makefile
	pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/files: md5 patch-sum site.config.m4-starttls
	pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/patches: patch-ad patch-ae
Removed Files:
	pkgsrc/mail/sendmail/patches: patch-af

Log Message:
update to 8.11.1.  make SASL-enabled build to use tolek stdio code, not
sfio code (no longer depends onto devel/sfio)

8.11.1/8.11.1	2000/09/27
	Fix SMTP EXPN command output if the address expands to a single
		name.  Fix from John Beck of Sun Microsystems.
	Don't try STARTTLS in the client if the PRNG has not been properly
		seeded.  This problem only occurs on systems without
		/dev/urandom.  Problem detected by Jan Krueger of
		digitalanswers communications consulting gmbh and
		Neil Rickert of Northern Illinois University.
	Don't use the . and .. directories when expanding QueueDirectory
	Do not try to cache LDAP connections across processes as a parent
		process may close the connection before the child process
		has completed.  Problem noted by Lai Yiu Fai of the Hong
		Kong University of Science and Technology and Wolfgang
		Hottgenroth of UUNET.
	Use Timeout.fileopen to limit the amount of time spent trying to
		read the LDAP secret from a file.
	Prevent SIGTERM from removing a command line submitted item after
		the user submits the message and before the first delivery
		attempt completes.  Problem noted by Max France of AlphaNet.
		Fix from Neil Rickert of Northern Illinois University.
	Deal correctly with MaxMessageSize restriction if message size is
		greater than 2^31.
	Turn off queue checkpointing if CheckpointInterval is set to zero.
	Treat an empty home directory (from getpw*() or $HOME) as
		non-existent instead of treating it as /.  Problem noted by
		Todd C. Miller of Courtesan Consulting.
	Don't drop duplicate headers when reading a queued item.  Problem
		noted by Motonori Nakamura of Kyoto University.
	Avoid bogus error text when logging the savemail panic "cannot
		save rejected email anywhere".  Problem noted by Marc G.
		Fournier of Acadia University.
	If an LDAP search fails because the LDAP server went down, close
		the map so subsequent searches reopen the map.  If there are
		multiple LDAP servers, the down server will be skipped and
		one of the others may be able to take over.
	Set the ${load_avg} macro to the current load average, not the
		previous load average query result.
	If a non-optional map used in a check_* ruleset can't be opened,
		return a temporary failure to the remote SMTP client
		instead of ignoring the map.  Problem noted by Allan E
		Johannesen of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
	Avoid a race condition when queuing up split envelopes by saving
		the split envelopes before the original envelope.
	Fix a bug in the PH_MAP code which caused mail to bounce instead of
		defer if the PH server could not be contacted.  From Mark
		Roth of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
	Prevent QueueSortOrder=Filename from interfering with -qR, -qS, and
		ETRN.  Problem noted by Erik R. Leo of SoVerNet.
	Change error code for unrecognized parameters to the SMTP MAIL and
		RCPT commands from 501 to 555 per RFC 1869.  Problem
		reported to Postfix by Robert Norris of Monash University.
	Prevent overwriting the argument of -B on certain OS.  Problem
		noted by Matteo Gelosa of I.NET S.p.A.
	Use the proper routine for freeing memory with Netscape's LDAP
		client libraries.  Patch from Paul Hilchey of the
		University of British Columbia.
		Move the NETINET6 define to devtools/OS/SunOS.5.{8,9}
			instead of defining it in conf.h so users can
			override the setting.  Suggested by
			Henrik Nordstrom of Ericsson.
		On HP-UX 10.X and 11.X, use /usr/sbin/sendmail instead of
			/usr/lib/sendmail for rmail and vacation.  From
			Jeff A. Earickson of Colby College.
		On HP-UX 11.X, use /usr/sbin instead of /usr/libexec (which
			does not exist).  From Jeff A. Earickson of Colby
		Avoid using the UCB subsystem on NCR MP-RAS 3.x.  From
			Tom Moore of NCR.
		NeXT 3.X and 4.X installs man pages in /usr/man.  From
			Hisanori Gogota of NTT/InterCommunicationCenter.
		Solaris 8 and later include /var/run.  The default PID file
			location is now /var/run/  From John
			Beck of Sun Microsystems.
		SFIO includes snprintf() for those operating systems
			which do not.  From Todd C. Miller of Courtesan
	CONFIG: Use the result of _CERT_REGEX_SUBJECT_ not {cert_subject}.
		Problem noted by Kaspar Brand of futureLab AG.
	CONFIG: Change 553 SMTP reply code to 501 to avoid problems with
		errors in the MAIL address.
	CONFIG: Fix FEATURE(nouucp) usage in example .mc files.  Problem
		noted by Ron Jarrell of Virginia Tech.
	CONFIG: Add support for Solaris 8 (and later) as OSTYPE(solaris8).
		Contributed by John Beck of Sun Microsystems.
	CONFIG: Set confFROM_HEADER such that the mail hub can possibly add
		GECOS information for an address.  This more closely
		matches pre-8.10 nullclient behavior.  From Per Hedeland of
	CONFIG: Fix MODIFY_MAILER_FLAGS(): apply the flag modifications for
		SMTP to all *smtp* mailers and those for RELAY to the relay
		mailer as described in cf/README.
	MAIL.LOCAL: Open the mailbox as the recipient not root so quotas
		are obeyed.  Problem noted by Damian Kuczynski of NIK.
	MAKEMAP: Do not change a map's owner to the TrustedUser if using
		makemap to 'unmake' the map.
	RMAIL: Avoid overflowing the list of recipients being passed to
	RMAIL: Invoke sendmail with '-G' to indicate this is a gateway
		submission.  Problem noted by Kari Hurtta of the Finnish
		Meteorological Institute.
	VACATION: Read the complete message to avoid "broken pipe" signals.
	VACATION: Do not cut off vacation.msg files which have a single
		dot as the only character on the line.
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