Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: source-changes
Date: 10/08/2000 21:27:10
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	hubertf
Date:		Sun Oct  8 18:27:10 UTC 2000

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/graphics/ploticus: Makefile
	pkgsrc/graphics/ploticus/files: md5 patch-sum
	pkgsrc/graphics/ploticus/patches: patch-aa
	pkgsrc/graphics/ploticus/pkg: PLIST

Log Message:
Update to 1.39, to work around changed distfiles with same name.
Fixes PR 11168 by Alaric Snell <>


Version 1.39: Sept 29 '00
*Changed - proc transform renamed as proc processdata ('transform' still
*Changed - script syntax - references to undeclared @variables are now left
 alone. Formerly they had resulted in syntax errors.
*Added - proc areadef - autorange - if nearest= is omitted a reasonable
 default will be used for numeric data. Formerly it defaulted to exact min
 and max, which was usually not desirable. It is now possible to say
 nearest=exact to get exact min and max, should that be wanted.
*Added - proc areadef - categories - a new attribute called
 'catcompmethod', to control the details of how category comparisons are
*Added - proc areadef - now sets variables XMIN, XMAX, YMIN, and YMAX
*Fixed bug - proc areadef - autorange - problems with negative numbers;
*Added - proc axis - 'stubs increment' with no following value gives a
 reasonable default increment. So does 'stubs inc 0'.
*Added - proc bars - barwidthfield and bwfscale for data-driven bar widths
*Added - proc datesettings - several new options for omitting weekends
*Fixed bug - proc getdata - choking on long path names. Increased sizes of
 many buffers throughout.
*Fixed bug - proc getdata field names - a name beginning with a number such
 as 16kHz was being interpreted as an integer field number.
*Added - proc processdata - new actions 'breaks' to do break processing on
 data sets, and related action 'breakreset'.
*Added - proc rangebar - when using meanmode, plotfields may now be used
 for getting a mean, standard deviation, and optionally an N value.
*Changed - proc rangebar - variable NVALUES is now always set, even if
 nothing was plotted (it will be zero in this case).
*Added - proc rangebar - new attributes showbriefstats, showstatsfile,
 briefstatstag to make a file holding computed statistical info that can be
 used by other programs
*Added - proc rangebar - allow 'none' for outliernearsym and outlierfarsym,
 for when displaying outliers using only labels or line segments.
*Added - proc rangebar - a new attribute called 'skipmed', to omit median
 and percentiles calculation when only means and standard deviations are
 needed (a performance consideration).
*Fixed bug - proc rangesweep - bug involving the use of 'select'
*Added - new function - $dataitem(), to access a single data item from the
 current data set by row and field position.
*Added - command line / proc page - the options -croprel and -crop
*Changed - ploticus temp file naming now uses shorter names
*Added - user-contributed RPM spec file. See the Download page under
*Changed - makefile & build - copied gd_io.h to the gd16 subdirectory for
 successful solaris 'make' build
*Added - MP/ix added to Makefile
*Changed - gallery example EPS or Postscript files will no longer be stored
 on the web site, except for the pltab examples.
*Changed - ploticus manual in postscript form will no longer be maintained
 or distributed.

Version 1.38: Jun 9 '00
*It is now possible to set the directory used for temp files, using a new
 config attribute tmpdir.
*under cygwin, problems have been reported with pltab writing postscript to
 standard output. Workaround is to use pltab -o

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