Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc
To: None <>
From: Jim Wise <>
List: source-changes
Date: 06/07/2000 07:58:58
Module Name:	pkgsrc
Committed By:	jwise
Date:		Wed Jun  7 14:58:58 UTC 2000

Modified Files:
	pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql: Makefile
	pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql/pkg: PLIST
Added Files:
	pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql/files: patch-sum
	pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql/patches: patch-aa
	pkgsrc/databases/jdbc-postgresql/pkg: MESSAGE

Log Message:
Update jdbc-postgresql to the version shipped with postgresql-7.0.

Thu May 04 11:38:00 BST 2000
	- Corrected incorrect date in CHANGELOG
	- Fixed the ImageViewer example

Wed May 03 16:47:00 BST 2000
	- Fixed the Makefile so that postgresql.jar is built everytime
	  the jdbc1 or jdbc2 rules are called.
	- Fixed the threadsafe example. It had problems with autocommit

Wed May 03 14:32:00 BST 2000
	- Rewrote the README file (the old one was 18 months old!)
	- Added @deprecated tags to org.postgresql.jdbc2.ResultSet
	  to clear some warnings issued during compilation.

Wed Apr 12 22:14:00 BST 2000
	- Implemented the JDBC2 Blob interface, and ResultSet.getBlob().

Wed Apr 12 20:20:00 BST 2000
	- Fixed bug in ResultSet.absolute(). Negative rows are now supported.
	- Implemented ResultSet.relative(), afterLast().

Tue Feb  1 21:40:00 GMT 2000
	- Finally imported the contributed javax extensions by Assaf Arkin

Mon Jan 24 21:00:00 GMT 2000
	- Finally introduced the 7.0 additions to the core CVS repository.
	- All source files are now under the org.postgresql package (previously
	  they were under postgresql). The package lines now changed
	- The Makefile was rewritten so it should now work on machines that
	  can't handle the $( ) syntax.
	- Dutch translation by Arnout Kuiper (

Mon Sep 13 23:56:00 BST 1999
	- PG_Stream.SendChar() optimised, increased default buffer size of
	  output stream to 8k, and introduced an 8k buffer on the input stream
	  Sverre H Huseby <>
	- Added a finalize() method to Connection class in both drivers so that
	  the connection to the backend is really closed.
	- Due to many JVM's not returning a meaningful value for java.version
	  the decision for building the JDBC1.2 or JDBC2 driver is now a
	  compile time option.
	- Replaced $$(cmd...) with `cmd...` in the Makefile. This should allow
	  the driver to compile when using shells other than Bash.

Thu Sep  9 01:18:39 MEST 1999
	- fixed bug in handling of DECIMAL type

Wed Aug  4 00:25:18 CEST 1999
	- updated ResultSetMetaData.getColumnDisplaySize() to return
	  the actual display size
	- updated driver to use postgresql FE/BE-protocol version 2

Mon Aug  2 03:29:35 CEST 1999
         - fixed bug in DatabaseMetaData.getPrimaryKeys()

Sun Aug  1 18:05:42 CEST 1999
        - added support for getTransactionIsolation and setTransactionIsolation

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