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Date: 03/27/2000 16:34:33
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Freeciv game server.


 - Internationalization extended.  Still needs improvement.
   New ./doc directory for localized versions of README and INSTALL.
   Current localizations: de en_GB es fr hu no pl pt pt_BR ru.
 - Added Civ1/2-like Barbarians.  Controlled by two server options.
 - Many more nations added.
 - Worklists -- Players can now specify a list of things to be built in
   a city.
 - The AI now utilizes diplomats/spies aggressively.
 - Added a variant (1) of Michelangelo's Chapel.
 - Initial rates after Revolution will try to maximize Science.
 - Rapture-triggered city growth will no longer empty the foodbox.
 - Map generator improvements:
   - Gen 1 hills more uniform north/south.
   - Gen 2+ will tend to make fewer length-one rivers.
 - Added unit-death explosion animation.
 - No longer will cities with exactly 0 (zero) production surplus be given
   a "free" shield every turn.
 - Command-line arguments made more consistent between server and client.
 - Caravans now provide a research benefit when initially establishing a
   trade route, equal to the monetary benefit.
 - Diplomat/Spy changes:
   - Changed all actions to more closely conform to Civ2 rules.
   - Changed "diplchance" to be %-chance of success.  Used in many ways.
   - Diplomat/Spy may attempt action with any movement left.
   - Added "At Spy's Discretion" selection to steal and sabotage dialogs.
   - Allow Spies to steal tech from a city more than once (gets harder).
   - May only poison towns of size greater than 1 (one).
   - May only sabotage units that are alone on a square.
   - When a city is subverted, only nearby units change sides.
   - Veteran status improves defense against other Diplomats/Spies.
 - Added production display of number of turns remaining to build.
 - Small, shield-like flags tilesets (trident_shields, engels_shields).
 - Airbase changes (for Civ2 compliance):
   - Ground units can attack Air units when they are parked on an Airbase.
   - Units are defeated only singly when on an Airbase (like a Fortress).
 - Revised and improved the server 'help' command.
 - New intro graphics.
 - Ships may now have their movement reduced after a combat in which they
   are damaged.
 - Added display of production values to main map "city tiles" display.
 - Increased the Add-To City size limit to 9 to conform to Civ2.
 - Settler's "Connect" feature -- Automatically connect two points with
   Road, Railroad, Irrigate or Fortress.
 - Several AI improvements.
 - New ruleset support for CITIES, most notably cities are now drawn in
   different sizes and styles.
 - Allow specifying unambiguous player name prefix, instead of full 
   player name, for server commands taking a player name argument.
 - Added multi-client configuration support.
 - Added 'read' and 'write' server commands.
 - Added "best nation" column to Demographics report.
 - Changed Fighters and Stealth Fighters to not cause unhappiness (Civ2).
 - Cities on mountains will produce an extra food (Civ2).
 - Fixed bug where Lighthouse was not producing veteran sea units.
 - Ported to Amiga.  (This is not included with a "distribution"; get it
   directly from the CVS <>,
   or from a CVS Snapshot <>.)
 - Lots of bug fixes, code cleanups, and help-text improvements.

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