Subject: UPDATE=1 twist (Re: telnet/telnetd/libtelnet changes for crypto-intl)
To: Assar Westerlund <>
From: None <>
List: source-changes
Date: 02/06/2000 13:23:39
>> 	Is it buildable from src/lib/libtelnet and other places?
>Yes, I've done several `make build':s and it builds fine.
>> 	From what I've seen
>> 	(1) CPPFLAGS+=-DAUTHENTICATION is missing (otherwise
>> 		lib/libtelnet/auth.c will become empty and end up
>> 		missing symbol)
>That's defined in crypto-intl/include/config.h.
>> 	(2) the following files disagree with each other and it bites us in
>> 	    prototype checks
>> 		crypto-intl/dist/heimdal/appl/telnet/libtelnet/auth-proto.h
>> 		src/lib/libtelnet/auth-proto.h
>> 	I'm not sure how we should resolve it.
>By only using the crypto-intl one, I think.  Are you sure you don't
>have any old .depend laying around that causes make to pick up the
>wrong auth-proto.h?

	Now I see... it was required to perform "make cleandir" (or don't
	set UPDATE) with the change, otherwise "realdepend" rule (
	will not notice that .depend is obsolete due to change caused by .PATH.

	I understand I was wrong that setting UPDATE=1, however, I think
	"make UPDATE=1 build" case should somehow be improved to catch this
	case.  Is it possible to write a make rule to add the following:

>>.depend: (the makefiles we use for the bulid, including Makefile.frag)

	or some other ways?