Subject: CVS commit: src
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: source-changes
Date: 02/03/1999 20:26:21
Module Name:	src
Committed By:	tv
Date:		Thu Feb  4 04:26:20 UTC 1999

Removed Files:
	src/gnu/dist/bc: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/bfd: ChangeLog ChangeLog.1 ChangeLog.2
	src/gnu/dist/bfd/doc: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/binutils: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/gas: ChangeLog ChangeLog.1
	src/gnu/dist/gcc: ChangeLog ChangeLog.10 ChangeLog.11 ChangeLog.12
	    ChangeLog.13 ChangeLog.lib
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config: gnu.h linux-aout.h linux.h lynx-ng.h lynx.h
	    nextstep.c nextstep.h nextstep21.h psos.h ptx4.h svr3.h svr4.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/alpha: config-nt.sed elf.h linux-ecoff.h
	    linux-elf.h linux.h osf.h osf12.h osf2or3.h t-vms vms-tramp.asm
	    vms.h vxworks.h win-nt.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/arm: linux-gas.h linux.h t-linux t-pe t-riscix
	    t-semi t-semiaof
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/dsp16xx: dsp16xx.c dsp16xx.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/i386: 386bsd.h aix386.h aix386ng.h bsd386.h
	    config-nt.sed crtdll.h cygwin32.asm cygwin32.h dgux.c dgux.h
	    freebsd-elf.h freebsd.h gnu.h go32-rtems.h go32.h isc.h isccoff.h
	    iscdbx.h linux-aout.h linux-oldld.h linux.h lynx-ng.h lynx.h mach.h
	    mingw32.h moss.h next.h os2.h osf1-ci.asm osf1-cn.asm osf1elf.h
	    osf1elfgdb.h osfelf.h osfrose.h ptx4-i.h rtems.h rtemself.h sco.h
	    sco4.h sco4dbx.h sco5.h sco5gas.h scodbx.h seq-gas.h seq-sysv3.h
	    seq2-sysv3.h sequent.h sol2-c1.asm sol2-ci.asm sol2-cn.asm
	    sol2-gc1.asm sol2.h sol2dbg.h svr3.ifile svr3dbx.h svr3gas.h
	    svr3z.ifile sysv3.h sysv4.h t-cygwin32 t-dgux t-freebsd t-go32
	    t-i386bare t-mingw32 t-next t-osf t-osf1elf t-sco5 t-sco5gas t-sol2
	    t-svr3dbx t-vsta t-winnt v3gas.h vsta.h vxi386.h win-nt.h winnt.c
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/m68k: 3b1.h 3b1g.h a-ux.h altos3068.h amix.h
	    apollo68.h atari.h aux-crt1.c aux-crt2.asm aux-crtn.asm aux-exit.c
	    aux-low.gld aux-mcount.c auxas.h auxgas.h auxgld.h auxld.h
	    ccur-GAS.h coff.h crds.h ctix.h dpx2.h dpx2.ifile dpx2cdbx.h
	    dpx2g.h hp2bsd.h hp310.h hp310g.h hp320.h hp320g.h hp3bsd.h
	    hp3bsd44.h hpux7.h isi-nfp.h isi.h linux-aout.h linux.h lynx-ng.h
	    lynx.h m68k-coff.h m68kv4.h mot3300-crt0.S mot3300.h mot3300Mcrt0.S
	    news.h news3.h news3gas.h newsgas.h next.h next21.h pbb.h plexus.h
	    rtems.h sgs.h sun2.h sun2o4.h sun3.h sun3mach.h sun3n.h sun3n3.h
	    sun3o3.h t-aux t-linux t-linux-aout t-lynx t-m68kbare t-mot3300
	    t-mot3300-gald t-mot3300-gas t-mot3300-gld t-next t-vxworks68
	    tower-as.h tower.h vxm68k.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/mips: bsd-4.h bsd-5.h dec-bsd.h dec-osf1.h
	    gnu.h iris3.h iris4.h iris4loser.h iris5.h iris5gas.h iris6.h
	    mips-5.h news4.h news5.h nws3250v4.h osfrose.h r3900.h rtems64.h
	    sni-gas.h sni-svr4.h svr3-4.h svr3-5.h svr4-4.h svr4-5.h svr4-t.h
	    t-bsd t-bsd-gas t-cross64 t-ecoff t-iris6 t-osfrose t-r3900 t-svr3
	    t-svr3-gas t-svr4 t-svr4-gas t-ultrix ultrix.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/msdos: libgcc.mak mklibgcc.c top.sed
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/ns32k: encore.h genix.h merlin.h pc532-mach.h
	    pc532-min.h pc532.h sequent.h tek6000.h tek6100.h tek6200.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/pdp11: 2bsd.h pdp11.c pdp11.h t-pdp11
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/rs6000: aix31.h aix3newas.h aix41.h aix43.h
	    eabiaix.h linux.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/sparc: aout.h bsd.h linux-aout.h linux.h
	    linux64.h lynx-ng.h lynx.h pbd.h rtems.h sun4gas.h sun4o3.h
	    sunos4.h t-sol2 t-sunos40 t-sunos41 t-vxsparc vxsim.h vxsparc.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/tahoe: harris.h tahoe.c tahoe.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/vax: ultrix.h vaxv.h vms.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/winnt: config-nt.sed dirent.c dirent.h
	    fixinc-nt.c headers.mak ld.c libgcc.mak mklibgcc.c oldnames.c
	    spawnv.c win-nt.h
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/cp: ChangeLog ChangeLog.1 ChangeLog.egcs
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/f: ChangeLog ChangeLog.egcs
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/objc: THREADS.MACH thr-dce.c thr-decosf1.c thr-irix.c
	    thr-mach.c thr-os2.c thr-solaris.c thr-vxworks.c thr-win32.c
	src/gnu/dist/gdb: ChangeLog ChangeLog-3.x ChangeLog-9091 ChangeLog-92
	    ChangeLog-93 ChangeLog-94 ChangeLog-95
	src/gnu/dist/gdb/config: tm-lynx.h tm-sunos.h tm-sysv4.h
	src/gnu/dist/gdb/config/none: nm-none.h tm-none.h
	src/gnu/dist/gdb/doc: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/gdb/vx-share: README dbgRpcLib.h ptrace.h regPacket.h
	    vxTypes.h vxWorks.h wait.h xdr_ld.c xdr_ld.h xdr_ptrace.c
	    xdr_ptrace.h xdr_rdb.c xdr_rdb.h
	src/gnu/dist/gprof: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/aout: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/coff: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/elf: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/mpw: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/nlm: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/opcode: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/include/regs: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/opcodes: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/readline: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/arm: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/common: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/h8300: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/h8500: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/ppc: ChangeLog ChangeLog.00
	src/gnu/dist/sim/sh: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/w65: ChangeLog
	src/gnu/dist/sim/z8k: ChangeLog
Log Message:
Round 2 of gnu/dist cleanup:
- remove ChangeLogs (still available on vendor FSF/CYGNUS branch, 1.1.1)
- remove many target-system config files unrelated to NetBSD targets