Subject: CVS commit: src
To: None <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: source-changes
Date: 02/03/1999 10:50:29
Module Name:	src
Committed By:	tv
Date:		Wed Feb  3 18:50:29 UTC 1999

Removed Files:
	src/gnu/dist: configure.bat makeall.bat makefile.vms mpw-README mpw-configure mpw-install
	src/gnu/dist/bc/Test: BUG.bc TESTS.bc array.b arrayp.b aryprm.b atan.b
	    checklib.b div.b exp.b fact.b jn.b ln.b mul.b raise.b signum sine.b
	    sqrt.b sqrt1.b sqrt2.b testfn.b timetest
	src/gnu/dist/bc/doc: texinfo.tex
	src/gnu/dist/bfd: configure.bat makefile.dos makefile.vms mpw-make.sed
	src/gnu/dist/bfd/doc: makefile.vms
	    configure.bat mac-binutils.r makefile.vms mpw-make.sed
	src/gnu/dist/gas: README-vms configure.bat
	    link.cmd mac-as.r makefile.vms
	src/gnu/dist/gas/config: go32.cfg
	src/gnu/dist/gcc: configure.bat fixinc.dgux fixinc.irix fixinc.ptx
	    fixinc.sco fixinc.svr4 fixinc.winnt gthr-dce.h gthr-solaris.h
	    gthr-vxworks.h patch-apollo-includes texinfo.tex
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config: t-gnu t-linux t-linux-aout t-linux-gnulibc1
	    t-rtems t-svr4
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/msdos: configur.bat
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/config/winnt: config-nt.bat
	src/gnu/dist/gcc/cp: mpw-make.sed
	src/gnu/dist/gdb: mpw-make.sed
	src/gnu/dist/gprof: alpha.h configure.bat dummy.c dummy.h i386.h ns532.c ns532.h sparc.h tahoe.h
	src/gnu/dist/ld: configure.bat mpw-elfmips.c mpw-eppcmac.c mpw-esh.c
	    mpw-idtmips.c mpw-make.sed
	src/gnu/dist/libiberty: configure.bat mpw-make.sed
	src/gnu/dist/opcodes: configure.bat mpw-make.sed
Log Message:
First round of gnu/dist cleanup - remove:
- files removed in binutils 2.8.1 or 2.9.1
- some testsuite stuff
- VMS, MS-DOS, and MPW Macintosh build environmanet (most of which are
quite old and out of maintenance)
- generated GNU info files
- non-NetBSD-target makefile fragments